Tech Savvy for Small Business


As a small business owner or someone thinking about setting up a small business one of the biggest hurdles that may be in front of you is the knowledge of software and technology needed to successfully run a business in 2018. Whether that relates to planning a business that will be highly dependent on technology, building a website, using social media effectively or learning to use Microsoft Office products more effectively the ‘Tech Savvy’ program is designed with you in mind. This program aims to offer you the tools you need to build your business quickly and efficiently.


The course provides you with a selection of workshops, from introductory to advanced. You are free to engage in as many workshops as you wish: enrol in one or enrol in several.


#1 Introduction to Computing (A) - Get your computing skills off the ground with basic keyboard skills and an introduction to WORD and its basic functions.

#2 Introduction to Computing (B) - Learn the basic functions of Excel spread-sheeting and how to work with emails and the basic functions of websites.

#3 Introduction to Social Media – Find out how to select and use digital media technologies to produce media rich documents. Learn how to use social media tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn for business.


#4 Desktop Publishing – Learn intermediate skills for designing and producing desktop business documents.

#5 Presentation Skills – Learn to better present your business through electronic presentations and spreadsheets designed to showcase your business.

#6 Website skills – Find out how to build a website with ‘WordPress’

#7 Advanced website and database skills – Learn advanced skills related to designing and maintaining a website. Design and develop databases at an advanced level.

#8 Advanced ‘Office’ skills – Learn advanced functions in WORD and EXCEL to produce reports, presentations, graphs, charts and graphics at a high level.


#9 MYOB: Accounts - Process accounts payable and receivable: learn how to maintain journal systems in MYOB, prepare reconciliations, maintain accounts payable and receivable and process payments.

#8 MYOB: Payroll Use – data to prepare and record payroll data and handle payroll enquiries in both manual and automated payroll systems.


This training is subsidised by the NSW Government, eligibility criteria applies. Please see below:

Are you eligible?
Tech Savvy for Small Business training is subsidised by the NSW government for eligible businesses. The Tech Savvy Small Business program is part of Smart and Skilled funding and aims to support small business owners and their staff by providing fully subsidised training in targeted courses.

To be eligible for Smart and Skilled training, you must be:
An Australian Citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder, or a New Zealand citizen and Be aged 15 years or older, and Live or work in NSW, and No longer be at school or equivalent. To be eligible for Tech Savvy Small Business training, you must be the above, plus:
An owner of a small business, or an employee of a small business.
A Small Business is defined as a business with: 20 employees or less, OR An annual turnover of less than $2,000,000.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.