Our Team

Our Team

Introducing our team at the College.

Training Department

  • Kirby Perry, Training Coordinator
  • Mel Livermore, Training Coordinator
  • Kim Roberts, Hospitality Senior Trainer and Assessor
  • Katherine Doyle, Health Services Senior Trainer and Assessor
  • Cheryl Cartwright, Learner Support Coordinator
  • Michelle Baker, Community Services Trainer
  • Mel Staines, Beauty Trainer
  • Stefanie Allen, Hairdressing Trainer
  • Caitlin Grant, Business Trainer
  • Amanda Wenham, Teacher Support – Hospitality
  • Jayde Fairall, Teacher Support – Business

Continous Improvement Department

  • Mindy Rutland, VET Officer
  • Wendy Douglas, Administration Support

Community Programs Department

  • Leanne Dyer, Community Programs Coordinator
  • Alison Snow, CVS Coordinator

Administration Department

  • Brittany Harrison, Administration Coordinator
  • Chelsea Habel, Customer Service Officer
  • Lisa Douglas, Client Engagement Coordinator