Studio 90

Studio 90

Tree of Life, Fiona Kurtzer, 2019.

2019 Program

In 2019, Studio 90 will be running a Saturday morning program; Studio 90.

What is a Studio 90?

Studio 90 is a sustained creative environment that fosters and supports the individual practice of visual artists with mental health concerns.

Studio 90:
• Facilitates professional development and career building opportunities for artists (both individually and as a collective)
• Provides technical artistic support
• Promotes artists in the marketplace, networks and audiences outside the mental health sector
• Demonstrates a commitment to producing and presenting work of high artistic quality

About Studio 90

Studio 90 in Wagga provides a framework to supoort the professional development of artists with mental health concerns.

Studio 90 is a supportive and nurturing environment where each artist can be themselves and have autonomy in the studio.

Studio 90 provides each artist with support, guidance, mentoring, networks and career pathways. The studio is a non-directive creative environment supporting artists to develop their own visual language under the expert guidance of professional arts practitioners. Artists can develop their professional skills and confidence in creating and speaking about art.

Studio 90

Studio 90 is run every Friday from 9:30am – 2:30pm according to school terms.

In 2019, the artists will:
• Have an end of year exhibition at the Riverina Community College Gallery. The artists will assist in hanging the exhibition and speak at the opening.
• Have access to professional artists who are running the studio
• Visit local galleries to see and discuss artworks.
• Have a visual presence on social media every week via Instagram and Facebook.
• Have access to professional quality art materials.

Please note: This program is not for people who want to participate in art activities. It is designed for people who want to explore their creativity. The
studio has a strict policy of staff not directing artworks, and artists must be able to work independently within a small group environment. The studio is capped
at 12 artists.

One of our Studio 90 Artists, Fiona Kurtzer working on her artwork