Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • Riverina Community College must comply with the requirement for the protection of student fees as set out in the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations. RCC may accept payment of no more than $1,500 from each individual student prior to the commencement of the course.
  • For all courses over $500, a payment plan will be organised in relation to the remaining course fee.
  • Students must enrol and pay the course fee before the course commences, unless they have negotiated a payment plan with the College. (Not available for all courses).
  • Enrolments for most courses are open to all people aged 15 or over. If students are under the age of 15, they may only enrol in a course that indicates it is for younger students, unless the College has given permission to enrol.
  • Students may not bring any person who is not enrolled in the course with me, unless that person is their carer and this has been pre-organised with the College.
  • Students must meet the pre-requisites (where these apply) detailed in the course description.
  • If students have a disability and need support to participate in a class, they should discuss their individual needs with the Course Coordinator before completing enrolment.
  • The College reserves the right to change the advertised course details should the need arise, and to refuse any enrolments as permitted by law.


The College will refund all or part of course fees if;

  • Students have over paid the course fee.
  • The College cancels the course for any reason.
  • The student has evidence of medical hardship or another extenuating circumstance which prevents their attendance, or
  • The student gives five (5) working days' notice that they have changed their mind about attending the course. An administration charge of $27.50 will apply.

The College will not usually refund course fees where the student requests a refund because they:

  • Change their mind about attending the course after the course commences.
  • Changes jobs.
  • Changes work hours.
  • Move out of the area or are made redundant or retrenched.


  • Students may apply for a transfer of course fees to another course if they give five (5) working days' notice of cancelling their enrolment. An administration charge of $27.50 will apply.
  • Only one transfer per term is permitted, unless the transfer relates to a course/s that the College cancels for any reason. In this case, the administration fee will not apply.

Rights to appeal decisions

  • If the student is not satisfied with the conditions under which a refund or transfer request is determined, they may appeal the decision through the College’s Grievance Procedure.
  • Each refund or transfer request will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


  • The College keeps students information private and only collects information that relates to their training outcomes or as required for statistical analysis by government authorities such as Department of Education and Communities (DEC).
  • The College takes all reasonable steps to protect students personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure including restricted access to electronic files, secure storage of paper files and secure backup of data.
  • The College’s Privacy Policy sets out the way we handle personal information, including the use and disclosure of personal information and rights to access students personal information. RCC only collects information that is directly relevant to effective service delivery. A copy of this policy is available on request.
  • The College will exercise strict control over confidential information. If a third party requires student information, RCC will obtain the students written consent prior to the release of any information.
  • Students at RCC have the right to review their personal training file giving two working days' notice in writing of your request. Students may also request updates of their progress through a course and have a right to request that updates be made to information that they feel is incorrect or out of date.
  • The College is subject to audit by Commonwealth and State agencies. Access to students' training file may be given to government officers from agencies such as but not restricted to DEC, DEEWR or ASQA for the purpose of these audits.
  • In addition, where training is being provided to a trainee through their employer, the employer is entitled to receive updates on the trainee’s progress throughout the traineeship.