ICEP Riverina Community College


Inclusive Community Education Program (ICEP)

The ICEP has a “person centered” approach, this keeps the person with a disability at the centre of decision making. A person centered process involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback. The ICEP also gives participants opportunities for safe social inaction’s were friendship connections can develop.

Drama Program

Self–expression is a vital part of our experiences as humans. Participation in drama programs can be challenging. There are many opportunities to show off talent, including script writing, set construction, costume design and backstage. The possibilities are endless, and the opportunity to perform in the stage, or even in film, is one that can be a learning experience not only for the performers, but for the audience, as well.

Arts Program

The visual arts program which include painting, drawing, printmaking, and a host of other modes of creativity. The arts program is a supportive and nurturing environment where each artist can be themselves. Artists can develop their skills and confidence in creating art using high quality art materials. Support and technical from professional practicing artists.

ICEP operates services throughout the Riverina.

Romeo and Juliet in Japan - Narrandera

This is not the Titanic - Narrandera