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To check out some of Shanae’s looks she has created as part of her Certificate III Makeup course, click the button below;

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Introducing, Natasha Ducker.

Natasha is currently completing her Certificate III in Business Administration and has been shortlisted for the Community Colleges Australia Student of the Year award for 2019!!

1. What brought you to RCC?

Initially I wanted to further my skills so that when I entered the workforce I had an extra advantage. I was drawn to RCC as they seemed like a close knit group.

2. What did you like most about your training?
The friendly team at RCC. They helped me from day one and even now they are still very hands on.

I love the added knowledge and skills I have now.

3. What do you plan to do with your new skills?

I plan on implementing my new skills into every aspect of my work environment. I love having these skills to help other team members and the added knowledge has brought me a new found self esteem.

4. What the Trainer had to say:

Natasha is a very dedicated student. She is a great example of how to set goals to enable her to achieve her very positive outcomes, while balancing family, work and study.


1. What brought you to RCC?

A mate’s mum seen the Bar Skill course on Facebook and knew I wanted to do something. I then took the information to Hope my employment consultant at Personnel Group who contacted RCC for me.

When I finished the Bar course I was encouraged by Kim my trainer to go enrol in the Certificate III in Hospitality.

2. What did you like most about your training?

RCC wasn’t strict like school and other RTO’s that I had trained at. It was easier because it was more support driven and catered for students like me that found it hard to learn the conventional way.

The classes were small and really gave me the help to go well.

3. What do you plan to do with your new skills?

I have recently gained employment that I really like and I want to learn how to do mad cocktails and develop new cocktail recipes.

Eventually I would love to do specialised cocktail training in maybe Sydney and then travel a bit.

4. What the Trainer had to say:

It was an absolute pleasure to facilitate Will’s re-engagement with learning and to be able to guide and assist him to grow and succeed, not only with his qualification but also to find a career pathway in a sector that he thrives in. He has gained new friends, a job, self-confidence and a support network. Will can only continue to fly high and he knows he can do anything if he tries.

Very proud of him.

Hair Salon News

On Thursday 6th June 2019, our hairdressing students were lucky enough to perform haircuts on a lovely mother and daughter, who are donating their hair through the Hair for Heart initiative for the Variety, The Children’s Charity.

We recevied wonderful feedback from these two. Saba said: Thank you so much gorgeous ladies. Had a wonderful time with everyone. Can’t thank you enough. Honoured to share our journey with RCC :)

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